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Day of the New Fridge Happiness

As those of you who know me, or have lived with me (or both), you are aware that I love to cook. I love it! I love chopping up salads, braising cabbage into a buttery delicious side dish, baking breads, scones, pies, tarts, cookies, concocting sauces to drizzle over fresh handmade pasta, sizzling up some hot italian sausage, roasting potatoes/beets/garlic/cauliflower, mixing up a hot curry, whipping up a delicious dinner of home made pizza and salad.... But how can a person do these things when their fridge is the size of a 1930's icebox?

Exhibit A:

Dearest Peeps, please note that the entire upper right quadrant of this fridge is devoted entirely to cheese and deli meat. The lower back of the bottom shelf is taken up entirely by jarred sauces and chutneys of suspect origin that are at least a decade old. The bottom drawers are about the size of shoeboxes (and that is being generous).

Exhibit B:

This miniscule freezer was entirely taken up by frozen vegetable medlies (ick), and ice packs. I swear to you, at least half of this freezer was chock full of icepacks. Until I my foot down, that is. Now it's crammed with bread (to go with all the cheese) and bagels.

Exhibit C:

For size reference I include Gunter in the right hand corner of this photo. Please note that this little fridge is in the space that would normally be occupied by a normal size fridge. See where the counter and cabinets are? See all that space to the left of the fridge and the microwave on top of the fridge? That is all the space I will have with the new fridge!

Why do I blog about the miseries of a tiny fridge? Why do I go on about the hours spent putting groceries into that fridge as though it were a game of tetris? Why do I take pictures of my shamefully cramped and unorganized fridge and post them for the whole world to see?

Because today is the Day of New Fridge Happiness! As I type this a shiny new LG fridge with ample shelf space is on a truck on it's way to me...ETA 4-6pm.

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! I have been freed from the chains of tiny fridge slavery. Rejoice! Rejoice!

Let the real cooking begin.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Pug Lurks in the Tall Grasses

Yesterday was beautiful, so Andreas and I took a little car drive through the hills and found a lovely spot to do a little light hiking with the Pug.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tiny Bathroom Makeover

I was tired of living with a bathroom that appeared to be located in a university frat house.

Witness the (slight) transformation:


And we even have new hand towels to match the new rug. I like it! I think the main transformation is due to the shower curtain. I finally convinced the German to get a cloth one, instead of just having a plain clear plastic one (covered in mold).

Thank you, Target!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beans and Tomatoes-the perfect meal

When I was in college and shortly thereafter, I didn't enjoy anything more for dinner than a giant bowl of refried beans and sliced tomatoes. Preferably topped with a giant dollop of Daisy brand sour cream (the only real sour cream).

These days you'll find me eating pretty much the same thing. Except when I'm eating bread and cheese, which, seeing as I live with a man who thinks that cheese is the only food group (I'm not kidding, it's like a speciality cheese shop german cheese case in our fridge, jarlsburgh...ick), is just about every other day for dinner.

Quick and tasty snack:

refried or whole black beans, heated
grated zucchini
grated cheddar (missing from this photo...I'm lazy)
sour cream
handful of chips

Delish! And healthy.