Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday, the moving edition

Shabbat Menu:

Roast chicken or fish

cucumber salad with onions, dill, and red wine vinegar

purple potato rosemary parmesan gratin (whipping cream is key here)

fresh baked challah

cold green bean salad(??)

Moving is moving along apace (hehehe...moving is moving. Noun and verb!) Jonathan spends 4 nights of the week here and so in the morning he takes a couple of boxes with him when he goes home. Which makes it easy for me.

Ah, cookbooks. I love to read cook books at night in bed.
Is that weird?

Ceramic China-men antique lamps. Should they stay
or go to the goodwill for some lucky hipster to find?

Almost empty bookshelves. Do you see that little squat,
dark wood statue? That is my pygmy. When my older sister
was on her honeymoon in S. Africa, I told her all I wanted
was for her to bring me a pygmy (a real one, of course) and she
didn't, but she did get me this cute carving of one.

The goodwill box.

What has been happening this morning? (Besides making challah, which is right now rising (at least I hope it is rising, this batch seemed a little reluctant to rise for some reason, maybe I put in too much salt or sugar? Ay!)

For the pug lovers, pug sunbathing.

When a loaf of this bread costs more than 5 dollars, I should be more
careful about toasting it.

Fruit! Glorious fruit from my CSA box. Midway through, I decided to add
the fruit share to my box, and I am so glad I did. I love fruit! A disproportionate
amount of my grocery budget (ha! Like I have a grocery budget!) goes towards
fruits and berries all summer long. I think that is because my mother
never bought the expensive fruit, or at least not very often. We ate a lot of red and green apples
and oranges at my house growing up. I remember one of the first things that I did
when I had a little money of my own was to buy pounds of cherries and gorge myself on them.
Things are pretty much still like that.

This weeks CSA box included a pound or so of tomatillos. So I decided
to make salsa. Broiled the tomatillos, a bunch of cilantro, white onion, jalepeno,
tad bit of vinegar and voila:

And the 2nd piece of burnt toast of the morning. I got distracted by
facebook. My lovely friend Annie announced her engagement this
morning and I totally forgot about the toast.

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will, my sister will be in town from Reno and my younger brother is getting married!

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SariiCollins said...

I just made your Dutch Baby for breakfast. Mmmmmm good!