Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One of my younger brothers (I have 3) got married this weekend (Bride: 19, Groom: 22) . There is not much to say about the wedding* so i will just post some pictures. I really wish them the best of luck, they are going to need it.

My older sister came out for the weekend and we had a good time together doing Portlandy stuff. We also got a haircut (we seem to do a lot of hair based activities together for some reason. Probably because both of us loath getting our haircut...when you have special needs hair it is hard to find someone who can cut curly hair without mutilating it. We both have the same terrible stack of layers. One giant shelf at chin level and the rest of the hair just hanging below it. Terrible. Our hair is straightened here, only the hairdresser can get it that way).

Terribly washed out. Thanks Shakeitphoto! No wrinkles and/or chin!

*If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.


SariiCollins said...

Nice pictures! This is the first one I have seen of
Jonna and Nieve, very cute!

Bean said...

Okay, your comment about "special needs hair" made me laugh aloud! HAHAHA! For the record, I think you look lovely in all your pictures (on your shop AND your blog). :)

Catherine Chandler said...

Getting to visit with loved ones is always special (well, most of the time!)

And yeah...my hair either needs to be 1) tied back or 2) blow dried straight. Doesn't give me a lot of options--I feel ya :)

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend and that the move is going well!

Jack said...

I had my hair straightened once or twice when I was young and look what happened to my curly hair.
Daddy Jack

Bean Collins said...

@Dad are you saying I am going to go bald?

@PPP3 Thanks!

@Bean Seriously. My hair rides the short bus.

@Catherine I spend most of my life with my hair "battened down". :-) You know it is a special occasion if my hair is not up.