Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh Pugs! And Apartments...

(From the NE apartment, to be known in the future as the Old World Charm)

Dearest Gunter,

It has been an epic adventure....moving into J's condo, and then moving again a few days later to J's parent's house. You have been a champ. Except, of course, that time you "marked your territory" on that bag of stuff after Rosh Hashanah brunch. In front of the whole family.... But besides that, you've been great.

Dearest Dieter,

You've been great. Stay out of the bathroom garbage. That is all I have to say.

p.s. We will finally be moving back into the condo this Wednesday...knock on wood. I also have big plans for a dresser we bought and unveiling the changes that we've made to the condo. I hope to have before and after pictures up soon!

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Bean said...

What is it about the bathroom garbage that's so appealing to a young pup? Crosby, our 5-month-old american staffordshire pup, has just discovered the mysterious treasure chest that is the bathroom garbage can. I'd like those treasures to remain hidden, thanks.