Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summer's Final Huzzah!

Well, I've been meaning to share these pictures with you of our (only) summer camping trip, but moving and re-moving got in the way. But, I finally found these photos on J's computer and have a moment this morning to blog them.

We had been planning to do a lot of camping this last summer, we talked big talk, but in the end we had to settle for a one night rushed trip to the coast. There was so much going on every weekend during the summer (and the summer didn't even really start until the middle of July) that it is hardly our fault. We are neither of us Boy Scouts ( J especially is a city boy...I love you sweetie!), so camping under our own power is a different experience entirely from camping as a tag along on other people's trips. We did manage to get a nice fire going later in the evening, but we couldn't figure out the camp stove. It might be broken, so we ended up driving down the road to eat the worst hamburgers of our lives in some po-dunk coastal town. But that was all made up for by the delish s'mores that night.

(Sunning with Dieter at Honeyman Beach Park, one of my favorite places on earth.)

(Double pug.)

(See! The pugs aren't always cute. Especially when they sneak over to the neighbor's
camp and eat their chili on the sly and then have horrible pug farts all night long.)

(Argh! Pirates?)

(Scenery, or as J likes to call it: Beanery)

(Heceta Head, another of my favorite spots. J said everywhere in Oregon must
be my favorite....It's true.)

(Double Pug.)

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