Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday-the goodness edition

Right at this moment I can hear my faithful kitchenaid kneading away at the Friday challah. This time I used a bit of mollasses in place of honey (maybe a tablespoon and a half?), but it made it a really nice brown color. I'm excited to try it. (Don't tell J, but I also substituted 1/3 cup whole wheat flour!)

I'm sipping a delicious spicy cup of chai that I made with milk, black tea, and spices. It is fancy, and almost a breakfast in itself. Which is good because there isn't much to eat here in the house. (or as J said "we are low on edibles....but not on grains and beans and barleys.) Which is true, we have plenty of pretty jars of dried beans and grains....but not a lot of things that you can just take out of the package and eat. Which sure is virtuous, but not that convenient. (Speaking of virtuous, I just contributed to our public radio station because I just couldn't stand the guilt any longer).

The pugs are snuggled together in an armchair, looking as deceptively sweet as only pugs can look. I'm sure you all will be interested to know that the Demon-pug has recently made a reappearance. He has discovered that he can make it onto the kitchen table by jumping onto the bench first. So we can now no longer leave anything edible up there. He indulged himself in a bagful of plums a week or so ago, which first alerted us to the problem, so we had been diligent about clearing the table top (which is very annoying and inconvenient since we have a small kitchen and it was nice to store some fruit on the table...). But the other day (Sunday?), I received these two photos as texts from J who had just returned home:

Can any of you guess what these things are? No? Well, it was my new(ish) french butter crock that I blogged about here. I had left it on the table from breakfast, never dreaming that Dieter would think to get into it. How could he, I thought. Well, perhaps pugs are as smart as monkeys or crows, or maybe pushing it off the table to remove the hard "outer shell" was just an accident.

It was empty of butter by the time we found it, of course. But the butter holder half was covered in tiny little pug face hairs, stuck in a layer of pug slobber. And now I have to go to the kitchen gadget store and get a new one...woe is me (what other sweet kitchen trinkets will I find there!?!?)

How do I know it was Dieter and not Gunter? Well....Gunter can't jump. Well...he can sort of jump, but he would never, ever, never, ever attempt to jump onto a narrow wooden bench and then from there onto a table top. It would never even occur to him as something that was within the realm of possibility. Poor little earthbound Gunter.

But what makes this Friday especially good? The fact that my sweet littlest niece was born just a couple of days ago! And she is the cutest little eskimo baby ever to grace the earth. And I get to see her in person in about a week. I am so excited! Cutest thing ever (besides all of my other nieces and nephew(s), who are of equal cuteness). Pictures to follow soon. (I want one! I want one!....but not yet.)

An an un-baby topic, I got new glasses:

Ummm...are they too hip? (Just one gear on my fixy bike!) Or just a flash back to the glasses I had in the 6th grade:

(6th grade? I can't remember. Poor little thing, she would never survive in the bullying climate of today's schools. Actually, she probably would since she never gave a sh*t about what any body thought, starting in kindergarten. That is also my hair au naturel, for those of you who are curious.)

I'm not sure. I don't want to be too hip, but I needed bigger lenses since I am blind as a bat naturally and when you are incredibly blind, small frames just make you feel as though you are looking out of a tiny tube. (That is how I feel anyway.)

Okay! What a long rambling disconnected post! One other thing on my mind recently:

1) I love fall. I love the cool air and the spiders webs and pumpkins and dew on the grass and the lovely crisp evenings. Probably my favorite season. (Except for spring, summer, and winter. I love them each the best when they first start...)

Have a great weekend! I know I will, I see a pumpkin patch and caramel apple in my near future.

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