Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best Girl in the World 1992-20..

Best Friend ever.


8th grade (7th?), Peterson Barn park practicing our smooth gymnastics moves. True love at first cartwheel!


2 awkward teenage girls


Kindred spirits call to each other from across the void of the middle school lunch room. Plus Tabitha Jenkins is a total D.B. (It was Tabitha right? Or was it Rachel? I forget who.)


Who knows how? I'm just glad we've remained bff for all these years!

2oo9 to forever, Kellie! Love you bunches and bunches!

your best bud,

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kellie said...

oh Bean, I finally got to check out your blog page! unfortunately I'm clandestine-facebooking it in anatomy class so I can't smile too much. that video of Gunter is hilarious. thanks for the appreciation station, I feel pretty special. much love and many smooches back to you. likewise, I cherish your friendship and appreciate your patience with me all these years!